Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a happy new year and a wonderful start to 2011.

Right before Christmas I went on a chilly, but pleasant, one-week vacation to Prague and Geneva. It was beautiful. Prague is like a fairytale come Christmas, and Geneva, well… I spent most of my time in Geneva worrying whether I’ll get stuck because of the blizzard. Their chocolate, however, is top-notch.

Prague + Christmas = Fairytale
Prague during Christmas
huge cathedrals and all
cathedral in prague
glad I was able to make it back…
snowy airport

You can browse through the rest of my prague/geneva picture on my Flickr.

Luckily, I did make it back to Aleppo in time for Christmas, and New Years is now only a few hours away. The streets are still decorated with bright Christmas lights and the air has an enjoyable crispness to it — not too cold, but cold enough to make it feel like the holidays are here.

These are some picture from my Christmas in Aleppo.

Aleppo — Christmas 2010
Aleppo Christmas 2010
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights
kibbe tarabilsiyye (كبة طرابلسية)
Bûche de Noël
yule log, Bûche de Noël
not Christmas without Santa, right?
Christmas Santa
Christmas spirit
Christmas spirit
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas

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  1. متل العادة تدوينة ولا أحلى والصور بيجننوووو

    كل عام وإنت وكل يللي بتحبهن بألف خير وينعاد عليك بالخير والسعادة 🙂

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