Mahna Mahna… Muhammara!

Note: This recipe has been replaced with a newer, tastier version.

I’ve had The Muppets song stuck in my head for days now and cannot help the fact that it plays itself whenever I try to sneak in a thought. Granted it could be worse… perhaps Michael Bolton? Anyway, I digress. This entry is dedicated more to a delicious spread called Muhammara than to my random quirks. For my family, Muhammara is like the ketchup that is served alongside most of our meals. We eat it with toasted pita bread, as an accompaniment to meaty swordfish and even as a condiment for sandwiches. No one can deny Muhammara’s versatility, but what keeps me coming back for more is how easy it is to prepare.

Muhammara (محمرة)

3 thoughts on “Mahna Mahna… Muhammara!

  1. Muhammara is the best, I love it. Totally addicted to it! My mom mom’s recipe is the same as yours- with the toats incl (an ingredient I don’t find so much on other blog recipes for muhammara). I love muhammara with mashawi, shish taouk etc.

  2. great recipe, i have now your blog in my favorites
    thanks, I am from aleppo origine,
    the food of aleppo is just great!

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