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Welcome to my blog on Mediterranean cuisine!!  Olive Juice grew out of my love for Mediterranean Cuisine.  I will focus on featuring delicious dishes from the different culinary regions that makes up the Mediterranean. Most importantly, my goal is to preserve as much of the taste and culture in each dish while revamping them for the palates of the modern-day foodie.

So put away your passports and follow me on a culinary adventure of a lifetime!

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2 Responses to “Welcome!!”

R M Says:

I’ve just found your website and I am enjoying looking around your delicious dishes… Half of my family is from Spain and the other half is from Palestine, so I also love all the Mediterranean culinary treasures!
I do like your inclusive welcoming….think Palestine should be included, though!

Maggiema Says:

I stumbled onto your website today – although Aussie through and through – we too are lucky to have a history enriched with Mediterranean culture – love this site and your fresh way of presenting what you are obviously so passionate about.
Spent a good chunk of the afternoon drooling over your pics and recipes and gathering ideas !!

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