Teta Thursdays Poster

Teta Thursdays

My teta (grandmother) taught me how to transform humble ingredients into a nourishing meal. Many of the dishes she cooked required hours of preparation. I remember sitting on her countertop as she prepared these elaborate meals.

Today, fewer and fewer families are preparing these time-intensive recipes. With faster alternatives, many of these intricate dishes are disappearing from our tables. These meals however, are more than just a collection of dishes. They represent a rich culture and a shared identity that has developed over thousands of years. This approach to cooking cultivates elements of resilience, not only related to food practices but in the ways it enables social connectivity and community.

The next few weeks and months are going to challenge and test us in ways we can’t predict. At the same time, it will offer us an opportunity to engage in conversations and practices we might not have otherwise prioritized. I’m proud to be part of a vibrant community of food writers around the world who are preserving and celebrating these time-honored traditions. I’m excited to launch this series on food, culture, and identity, in a time where we may have some space to better consider those ideas, and see where the discussion takes us. Teta Thursdays are intended to bring forward stories, shared struggles and aspirations that can inspire us.