Clay Pot Yogurt

Clay pots are ideal vessels for preparing yogurt. Since clay has relatively low thermal conductivity, it helps keep the milk warm during the fermentation process and keeps the yogurt cool once it’s chilled. Clay also has the added benefit of being porous, which helps absorb some of the residual whey from the fermentation process and produces a naturally thick and creamy yogurt. Before there was electricity or electric yogurt makers, people used clay pots for preparing this delicious, tangy treat.

To make my clay pot, I partnered with local Baltimore potter and ceramicist, Tamer Zaki (@tamazaki_san). Tamer is an Eyptian-American physicist by training who makes beautiful ceramics. He was intrigued by the request and we worked together to come up with the final design.

Since I posted about Tamer’s clay pot on Instagram, many people have asked where they could find clay pots for making CPY (clay pot yogurt). After a bit of research, I was happy to come across Miriam’s Earthen Cookware— a woman-owned business in Massachussets that specializes in 100% pure, uncontaminated primary clay cookware. Each pot and lid is individually thrown on the wheel, dried, finished, fired, and left unglazed, which is what you’re looking for when preparing yogurt. You could find a variety of sizes on her website. This is the perfect gift for any teta on your shopping list!