Trip to Palmyra begins early Desert Attire: Keffiyeh Keffiyeh Seller modern camel herding Peter Camel Smile dates drying water in the desert desert prints entrance to the garden lesson on dates, part 1 lesson on dates, part 2 taste of date and pomegranate molasses three kinds of dates Syrian hospitality Palmyra weather tower wind measuring device? an oasis in the desert above the weather tower My first camel ride riding into the desert in the desert riding into the desert Zaki camel break camel snack: olive leaves camel snack: olive leaves wild camels desert pose Rana and Roula Zaki and his Camel the group Peter Titanic? Titanic? Dalia desert silhouette camels in the wild desert beetle open desert camel snarl camel photoshoot one of our camel guides thirsty camel thirsty camel sunset portrait our camp ground Zaki, post-camel ride desert tea sunset in Palmyra making saj bread, p2 making saj bread, p3 making saj bread, p1 fireside stories in Palmyra breakfast residual morning fire Ahmad and Anna Palmyra group shot! group shot, Palmyra! group shot ma3 7arakat!

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