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loch ness zucchini monster

what on earth should i do with this much zucchini?

My friend Emily has a bountiful garden and every summer she is faced with the same dilemma: what to do with the abundance of fruits and veggies.  (I know, sad story, hm?) Well, this past weekend she gave me one of her zucchinis.  She gave me one not because she’s stingy – she gave me just one because this zucchini is the zucchini that dwarfs all zucchinis, vegetables and most other edible objects.  

Check it out:

I’m open to suggestions guys!  I figured there’s no better people to ask than fellow food bloggers. What would you do with it?!

My Food Odyssey, online

I finally got around to posting all the food related pictures from my trip on my flickr account. For those who just joined, I just got back from a month-long research project in Syria, Lebanon and Italy where I got to experience firsthand different cultural dining experiences and explore flavors that were out of this world!!

My inevitable return

I recently got back from my culinary journey around Syria, Lebanon and Italy and cannot wait to share with you guys all the great food ideas I picked up while I was gone. I got to visit 11 Mediterranean cities in the course of a month, and not to mention, eat the best food of my life!!

Here are a few neat pictures from my trip. Later this week I’ll be posting a lot more food pictures that I took while I was abroad – stay tuned!!

Food Research – YUM!

For the past few months I’ve been coordinating a research project through Cornell University to study food and culture in the Middle East and Italy. Luckily my proposal went through and I will be traveling around Syria and Italy this winter to conduct my gourmet research!

My flight leaves in a couple of weeks and I will try to post as often as possible! Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!!

Mahna Mahna… Muhammara!

Note: This recipe has been replaced with a newer, tastier version.

I’ve had The Muppets song stuck in my head for days now and cannot help the fact that it plays itself whenever I try to sneak in a thought. Granted it could be worse… perhaps Michael Bolton? Anyway, I digress. This entry is dedicated more to a delicious spread called Muhammara than to my random quirks. For my family, Muhammara is like the ketchup that is served alongside most of our meals. We eat it with toasted pita bread, as an accompaniment to meaty swordfish and even as a condiment for sandwiches. No one can deny Muhammara’s versatility, but what keeps me coming back for more is how easy it is to prepare.

Muhammara (محمرة)