These are a few photos from the Wegmans Cooking Classes.

"Little Bites from the Mediterranean" showcased tapas, mezze and antipasti from different countries around the Mediterranean.

"Date Night Dinners" featured dishes that would be ideal for a date night dinner at home.

Photo Credits: Marilyn Rivchin

Mahi Mahi Finger-licking good fluffing up couscous garnishing with sauteed tomatoes lively colors are always great for a date grilling swordfish skewers getting ready to flip the Tortilla Española the Tortilla Española flipped perfectly (hence the excited looks) why am I making this face? garnishing the dessert plate Multi-tasking in the Kitchen garnishing cake Molten Lava CHocolate Cake Making a point token extreme hand gesture the best helpers, EVER! Little Bites from the Mediterranean Poster Date Night Dinner Poster